• Matyz 2PCS Silicone Manual Breast Pump and 8oz Storage Bottle Set - Portable Pump for Breastfeeding with Lid & Base - Comfort Breast Milk Suction and Collection - Hands Free Milk Saver - BPA Free

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  • [ Comfortable & Efficient ] - This manual breast pump reduce hand fatigue and allow you to pump one-handed or hands-free while you breast pumps for a comfortable experience. The soft flexibility breast shield allows you to maintain a tighter seal between pump and breast skin. Suction onto your opposite breast to catch every drop of letdown and maximize pumping efficiency. Effective prevent sore nipples.
  • [ Easy to Use & Convenient ] - Simply suction the pump onto your breast, and you can already start collecting milk. This product includes 2 PCS 3oz silicone manual breast pump and 1 PC 8oz storage bottles. Be efficient by storage the milk directly after pumping. The dust-proof lid keeps pump clean and non-slip base prevents accidental spills.
  • [ PORTABLE & AND EASY TO CLEAN ] - Carry this breast pump wherever you go. This featherweight pump fits easily into handbags, purses or diaper bags. Once you return home, simply pop this little pump into your dishwasher to thoroughly remove all milk residue. This pump is ideal for long-distance trips, flights, camping, or when you find yourself without power for extended periods of time.
  • [ FOOD GRADE & SAFE Material ] - Matyz products are CUSTOM MADE with the safest and purest raw material available. The breast pump made using 100% food-grade silicone, and all the parts to our product including the storage bottles, lid and base are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates and lead. No heavy metals, and no latex.
  • [ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ] - Genuine Matyz Trademarked Baby Product - Design and Quality by Matyz Inc. of U.S.A. - TRADEMARK filed in U.S.A. - In business since 1995 - Satisfaction Guaranteed! For U.S. customers, products come with 1-Year Warranty & FREE life time customer service - Always come to us for free customer service.
The Silicone Breast Pump is one of the most natural ways to collect breast milk hands-free manually through natural suction pressure. It is the best natural pump to catch "let-down/breast milk leak" during breastfeeding. Every drop of breast milk counts.

The Best Pump You Will Find

1. 100% Food Grade High Quality Silicone material
2. Extremely soft and comfortable which provides the best comfort for your breast during letdown collection
3. Lightweight design ensures hands-free attachment so that you can focus on breastfeeding on the other side
4. Manual and Hassle Free. No wires and assembly of pump.

How to Use Your Breast Pump

1. Sterilise your pump (caps are available online to purchase - caps keep the pump sterile after cleaning) Place top of pump over your nipple - make sure your nipple is n the neck of the pump and comfortable.
2. Apply suction - you may need to adjust a couple of times. Once the pump is secure and comfortable you can squeeze the base of the pump (not interfering with the top/suction) to create some movement.
3. A warm flannel on top of your breast is also a great tip and gently massage the top of your breast. Once milk begins to flow simply leave the pump alone to do its thing.
4. Once the pump becomes full empty into the storage bottle and reposition.
5. Also attach in the same way while your child is feeding on your other breast and collect all let down and milk which would other wise be lost into a breast pad.

Easy to Clean

The device is extremely straightforward with its one-piece design and functionality, so cleaning is a breeze. There aren't any hard to reach places where germs and bacteria could gather. All you need is a bottle brush, mild soap, and warm water. It's also dishwasher-safe!

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