• Matyz Electric Breast Pump with LCD Screen - 3 Sizes Silicone Massage Breast Shields for Comfortable & Efficient Pumping - Portable Rechargeable Single Mobile Pump - Adjustable Suction Levels Pump

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  • [ PUMP IN COMFORT ] - Properly fitting breast shield size will support comfort and efficient breast milk expression. The interchangeable personal fit silicone shield comes with 3 sizes (24mm & 27mm & 30mm), personalize your pump and achieve maximum pumping comfort. The extra soft silicone shield guard massages the breast to make pumping more comfortable and stimulate milk let down flow.
  • [ OFFER PORTABLE CONVENIENCE for Discreet Pumping Anywhere ] - A rechargeable battery and lightweight motor, providing a mobile pumping experience which is easy with this pump, and is designed with every mom's lifestyle in mind, so you can provide what's best for your baby even when you're not there. This pump includes an electric breast pump, dust-proof lid, non-slip base, the lid for storage and a feeding nipples set. Be efficient by storage and feeding directly after pumping.
  • [ CUSTOMIZABLE & EFFICIENT ] - The breast pump has 5 stimulation and suction levels for you to match babies' feeding patterns & maximize milk production, let's you find the most comfortable setting for you. The pump works in 40 to 60 db low noise operation without affecting the baby's sleep. The back-lit LCD digital display and timer helps you personalize and control your pump sessions.
  • [ FOOD GRADE Material & SAFE ] - Matyz products are CUSTOM MADE with the safest and purest raw material available. All the parts to the breastfeeding pump kit, including the feeding nipples set, are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates and lead. No heavy metals, and no latex.
  • [ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ] - Genuine Matyz Trademarked Baby Product - Design and Quality by Matyz Inc. of U.S.A. - TRADEMARK filed in U.S.A. - In business since 1995 - Satisfaction Guaranteed! For U.S. customers, products come with 1-Year Warranty & FREE life time customer service - Always come to us for free customer service.
Matyz Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is the most natural choice for feeding your baby, but it is not always convenient and comfortable. The Matyz pump features a soft personal fit silicone shield with massaging rings for comfort. The shape of the shield molds perfectly to the shape of your breast to help stimulate let-down and efficient flow of milk while pumping.

Hygienic Closed Design

A hygienic closed design guarantees that breastmilk will not back up in the tubing or motor of the pump, helping to prevent mold & bacteria, ensuring the protection and reducing pump cleaning time.

5 Adjustable Stimulation and Suction Levels

Adjustable stimulation and suction levels for comfort with easy to use + and - control buttons. Customizable settings allow moms to match their babies' natural feeding patterns.

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